Our history

Our History

We are proud to be a Colombian company

Our history resides on a tradition company that has been operating in the Colombian market since 1992, delivering our customers the best quality on guava delights, available in different presentations for industrial and mass consumer purposes in order to satisfy the consumers. Currently, you can find us in Colombia, in large chain stores,  institutional channel and convenience stores. Moreover, you can find us in international markets suchs as the United States, Puerto Rico, Chile and Venezuela.

  • 1992Beginnings

    Our history starts back in 1992 when a group of Colombian entrepreneurs acquired Bocadillos Don Julio in Medellín, Colombia, a traditional guava sweet producer, owned by Mr. Julio Zea since 1960.

  • Modernization

    The company started to modernize by acquiring technology and human capital that would supply the increasing demand in the modern (grocery stores and supermarket chains) and traditional (neighborhood stores and little retail stores) channels that represented higher importance at that time.

  • 1995New headquarters

    New facilities are acquired in Sabaneta, Antioquia in order to increase the productive capacity.



  • 1996New Acquisition

    The company Bocadillos Don José, originally from the capital city Bogotá, was acquired, and due to its better market positioning in both, local and international markets, decided to preserve Don José’s brand for the products.

  • 2020Unique Production Plant

    Currently, our business name Gustar S.A.S operates with excellence in its unique facility in La Estrella, Antioquia, where the best guava sweet candies are created, with outstanding quality standards that supply the national and international increasing demand. Moreover, our company not only produce its recognized brand Don José but also produce diverse private labels for well-known national and international chains.
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