Our commitment

Nowadays, our company Gustar SAS, is part of the project “Children’s farm Jesús Obrero” that together with the Archdiocese of Medellín, and the Urrea Arbálaez corporation, educate and empower young peasants in efficient, productive and sustainable models for the production of our main supply, Jaibana guava, that in a near future would generate different alternatives of self- employment and higher work inclusion opportunities, allowing to ameliorate the quality of living of the inhabitant families.

The young farmers receive training on different areas such as: Agricultural practices for food safety and social entrepreneurship, that allow them to be experts in rural development.

The project has four components which are: Technical knowledge transference, production, commercialization and social commitment.

On technical knowledge transference, young farmers are educated to technify Guava crops, in order to get qualified labor force, able to develop and manage properly the farms.

In the production component, a technified crop is implemented, optimizing physical, human and technical resources in order to guarantee a sustainable guava harvest. 

Then, in commercialization, fair prices are negotiated, even higher than market prices. 

As social component, we are committed to generate employment and income opportunities for the benefactors of the project.

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