On December 31, 1992, the company GUSTAR Ltda is constituted by a group of Colombian entrepreneurs who acquire the BOCADILLO (guava candy) DON JULIO Company, in Medellin Antioquia, located in the Barrio Buenos Aires, belonging to Mr. Julio Zea since the 60s.

 By that time, the company was moved to Barrio Guayabal in the city of Medellin, acquiring new equipment and expanding its staff by restructuring the sales area, giving greater importance to neighborhood stores (TAT) , later dabbled in supermarkets and neighborhood stores chain.

 For the year 1995, the company growth, led to the acquisition of new facilities and expansion of productive capacity, as well as linking a more qualified staff, being located in the municipality of Sabaneta Antioquia; 1996 the company becomes a public limited company, and buy the brand of BOCADILLOS DON JOSÉ in Bogota, maintaining two production plants.

 Its growth and consolidation in the domestic market, as well as its foray into the export market, coupled with the commitment to ensure the quality of their products and the health of their consumers, led to the decision to invest in new technologies in order to technify and optimize processes and product quality, this allowed to unify the two production plants in the town of Sabaneta; additionally the 2 brands DON JULIO and DON JOSÉ merged into one brand, defining the name of BOCADILLOS DON JOSÉ on the institutional image of DON JULIO.

 For the 2000s, the company consolidates its participation in the domestic market and is positioned as the leading brand in Venezuela and a good participation in the Latin American market. In 2008 BOCADILLOS DON JOSÉ has established itself as the leading brand chain stores, which allowed him to venture into the market of private labels, with major chains in the country, as well as the mark for one of the distributors of Latin products most important US market.

 In late 2010, the company changed its name to GUSTAR SAS, in 2011 its sustained growth and participation of new clients, determined the need to acquire new facilities of greater productive capacity, ensuring its expansion and consolidation, moving to the municipality of Antioquia, La Estrella, where it’s currently located, has an average of 100 skilled employees, with direct links and high sense of belonging.

 Because of the high standards of quality and safety in production and its associated processes to ensure the health of its consumers, aimed at positioning the international market in the development of healthy products, GUSTAR SAS changed its product name to Candy Fruit (First Called Bocadillos, now called Guava Candy) and today we have the most modern guava plant in all Latin America.