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Coverage Guava candyGUSTAR S.A.
S is a producer and marketer of fresh guava, which has been recognized as a market leading company for more than 55 years. We are leaders nationwide with products of the highest quality. Our distribution channels are:


Chains: Storage supermarkets, hypermarkets and independent. Our main customer is the Exito Group, for which we produce its own brand (Of guava candy) and position ourselves with our brand, Don Jose,  nationally.

Institutional Channel: hotels, restaurants, casinos, school feeding programs nationwide, pastry shops, bakeries and other customers who use our sweet guava as raw material for the production of the final product.

TAT (store to store): we have a qualified vendor group performing direct selling in the metropolitan area of Medellin and municipalities in the northeast, southwest and east of Antioquia.

Distributors: our brand marketers Don Jose,  in areas such as Urabá, Cali and in eastern Antioquia.



International Coverage


We have over 20 years exporting , mainly to the United States , Venezuela , Canada and Spain . However, our most important market has been considered to date, U.S.A., where through our marketer , Dinas Corporation, Don Jose and his own brand have reached different US states.

Coverage Guava candy


Our goal in the short to medium term is to consolidate our position in the international market as producers and marketers of fresh guava, so in this way, we can increase our market share and product offerings .