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Recipes: Guava CheeseCake

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For the base:

300 gr. chocolate or vanilla cookies (boiler type)
150 diluted gr. butter
–For the filling:
300 gr. seedless guava processing for filling
200 gr.  Processed Guava for decoration
350 gr. Cheese Cream
250 gr. Milk cream
1 condensed Lataleche
14 gr.  tasteless Jelly / gelatin, isinglass
70 ml. Water to hydrate unflavored gelatin



  1. Prepare the ingredients. Line the base of a springform butter with parchment paper.

    Process cookies and then mix with the diluted butter.

    Dump it, prepared to mold and pressing with hands or a spoon so that it adheres well to the base of molde. Keep it in the refrigerator.

    Process seedless guavas, book. Moisturize unflavored gelatin with 70 ml. water, let solidify and put compact, then dissolve 20 “in the microwave. Separate 3 tablespoons diluted gelatin for decoration.


    In a bowl put: cream cheese, cream, condensed milk and 300 grams of processed guava pulp. Mix all ingredients until blended, then add the gelatin and mix.

    Dump this preparation in the mold and put into refrigerator for 30 ‘or until it solidifies.
    Add 200 gr. guava pulp 3 tablespoons diluted gelatin flavor, mix and then pour it over the mold preparation, distribute over the entire surface and then take to the fridge until the next day.

    Unmold and decorate as you like or what you have on hand.


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